QiuckQueue - publication on the Telegram-channel according to the schedule

Publication on the Telegram-channel according to the schedule
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Simple to use

  • Unlike deferred posts, you don't need to set a publication date for each post. You set up the schedule once and just add new posts to the queue.
  • All the functionality is in Telegram, no web interface is needed
  • Easy queue management
  • Adding new posts is no different from regular posting to the channel, no extra actions are required

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Convenient publication of advertising

  • Setting the exact publication time for any post
  • Holding a post in the "top" of the feed
  • Automatic deletion with a delay of up to 48 hours

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Forwards from other sources

  • Deleting forwarding information
  • A text filter that can remove or replace a word

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Additional feature

  • Automatic addition of a caption to each post
  • The ability to change the order of posts by setting them a priority
  • Markdown formatting support

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How does it work?

Connecting the bot

  • Create a new bot in the @BotFatherand send its token to @QuickQueue_bot
  • Add your bot to the channel administrators
  • To grant access to the queue to other administrators, create a new group chat and add your bot to the administrators of this chat. Add to this group those who need to be granted access to the queue.

Using the bot

Instead of sending posts to your channel, send them to the created group chat and they will be published according to the configured interval.

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We will help you to conduct a Telegram channel more efficiently

With QuickQueue, your channel will appear more often in the top of the feed, and you will have more free time

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In order for the channel to be "alive" and subscribers to see new posts, it is necessary to adhere to the stated frequency of publication

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No time? No matter!

It is not always possible to create publications on a daily basis. You can schedule publications in advance, according to your content plan, and do other things

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Is free

Using QuickQueue is absolutely free

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Joint work

Create content together with your team in one place. It is not necessary to add everyone to the channel administrators

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You see the publication exactly as it will look on your channel

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Think about or discuss your publication with your team, then edit it and mark it as ready for publication

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